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We  offer alterations services and repairs to our customer. The most care all the way down to smallest details.
Our Service Include
Couture alterations
Dress alterations
Suits  alterations
Pants  alterations
Bridal  alterations
Curtains  alterations  
Measurements and more.                                                                                                             WASH AND FOLD SERVICE                         PER POUND
We do all the work for you,your clothes are sorted and colors are separated from whites,then we wash and dry, next your clothes are neatly folded.
       Dry Cleaning
We are difeferent than rest because we believe in creating a customized experience for you .We offer you a grerat price and good service, our expert  Care in household items helps protects your invesments and keeps your lines fresh and attractive.

Plenty of people are turned off by the thought of doing their laundry each day, or each week, but we actually enjoy performing this task on a daily basis for our customers. With our rich amount of experience in the industry, our local touch, and our innovative cleaning processes,Fashion Cleaners provides the best laundry service in the area at a fraction of the price when compared to our competitors.

Keeping Things Organic for Our Customers

One of the key things that sets fashion Cleaners apart from the competition is our commitment to organic cleaning processes and compounds. This might sound like merely our adherence to recent eco-friendly fads, but it’s actually so much more than that. Organic cleaning compounds are a key way to ensure that the effects and odors of harsh chemicals do not burden customers. 

          Free Pickup and Delivery
MLS Fashion Cleaners' customer enjoy the time-savings of free pick up and delivery service 
We will drop by twice a week to pick up and drop off ,we travel to the following areas:
Highlands Ranch,Littleton,Lone Tree,Columbine,Centenial,Southgleen,Castlewood,Greenwood Village,Englewood.


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